Could this be you?…

EXCITING NEWS! are looking for someone to join our admin/design team. The deadline is the 1st December 2017. Entrants must be living the UK due to the posting of materials and be able to speak/write in English
What we are looking for:
. Someone with a passion and talent for mixed media
. A good social media presence with experience filming and photographing projects and writing blog posts. (Facebook and Instagram as a minimum, preferably also YouTube, Twitter and a blog page)

. 2 to 4 projects a month to be discussed between us and depends on length and complexity of project

. Good product and brand awareness and a passion for crafting and inspiring others

What you will get in return:
. A monthly kit/spend allowance from Thompson’s Craft Supplies to use to make your projects
. You projects and details being shared across our social media

How to apply:
Email me at: including:
. links to all your social media pages such as your blog, twitter/instagram/facebook page, YouTube channel
. 5 pictures of your favourite mixed media items you have made

. a link to 1 video tutorial you have made that you think shows off your demo and maker skills within mixed media

. a few paragraphs of why you would like to be on the team and what you thing you can bring to the team
So excited to see what you can all do and cannot wait to announce our new team member. 

Good Luck!
Louise x


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