Graffiti ATC’s…

Here I will show you a fun way of using up scraps and challenging yourself with techniques.

ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. It was a scheme started as a way for artists to trade and collect miniature pieces of art. The only rule, unless your in a swap, is that the cards measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Therefore, this is a great way to use up parts of papers.

I had used the Graffiti Hip Hop page in my altered lantern project and had some of the papers left. I cut out 5 ATC bases


Using a baby wipe, I then roughly applied some white gesso to parts of the cards


Taking a stencil and the gel from a kit, apply gel through the stencil with a palette knife and leave to dry or dry with a heat gun


add some more of the gel in areas and then add the mini art stones from the kit and again dry


Take a selection of ink sprays and apply these to the cards. Dry once the card becomes too wet and continue to add layers until happy and make sure this is fully dry


Take a baby wipe and wipe over the areas where the gel is to pull back the colour as the gel will resist the inks.

To finish, take some permanent ink and add some stamping to the cards

Here is a final image


You can purchase the kit at


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