Mini album and box

Hi all its lesley here and this is my project this week . Its a small mini album and box to put it in .this was a quick make to do and looks so good with the papers from lousie . i also used some spray inks and i also used some paint for the box.

I used a template for the album and box so it goes really quickly . I really love these papers but have a hard time using the stickers in anything but i have in this album and in an other projcet i am working on . I am pushing myself to used everything in this and every kit . i am in love with the spary inks as you can get some really good looks.

This album would be good if you had a small printer and whated to show off your photos.

The first lot off photos are off the album and then the box with the pages off the album at the end off the box photos.



thanks for reading and i will have a round up with all my projects and a couple off bonus projets as well on my youtube channle.

thanks lesley 🙂

Template to the mini album that i used


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