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So let me tell you a bit about us.


I began my love for crafting as my life had quite frankly become dull. Day after day seemed a routine and I realised I needed a new hobby. I’d always been a creative person big into arts and music all through school.


My trouble was that work hours limited me and trying to find a class was near impossible. I decided to reach out on social media and found some craft swap groups.


This was amazing to me, just what I needed. For a while I just watched then began with simple crafts, experimenting with cards and other papercrafts. As my skills developed I began to want more high quality goods and a greater range which became a struggle. I couldn’t find a variety in shops and didn’t want to pay prices to ship from outside the uk online.


Me being me this was simply not to do and I began to look into the idea of buying my own stock. I mustn’t be the only one frustrated by this surely? In time I found 2 suppliers willing to give me a go. I had nothing to lose as at the very worst it didn’t work out and I got to keep lots of pretties. I invested my wages into stock and off we went.


Well, it did work! Very quickly I began to gain interest using contacts I had made through my craft swaps and through networking.


The group today has over 700 members. We have friendly banter and sales and a design team of 4 ready to roll out projects beginning next year. We are building our website and our product range is expanding with new suppliers and ranges lined up.


It is so exciting to see where 2017 will bring us. One one hand I’d say im so overwhelmed and humbled by our success, but at the same time, I’m a stubborn, passionate,hardworking person and I want this to succeed so I hqve and will continue to do everything in power to ensure it does.

I hope you’ll like what we have to offer. 2017 looks set to be an exciting year. I’m currently stocktaking and destashing ready for all our new spring, valentines and general stock to arrive. I am so excited and will keep you all update.